Singapore Record Club

Episode 2: Library Music, featuring Library records I've bought in and around Singapore

Episode 2 of Singapore Record Club is now available and the theme is Library Music. You can read about Library music in my blog post here -

You can listen to the show on this page or at Mixcloud at and there is a track listing below.


Carnaby Street, Keith Papworth, De Wolfe

Hot Night, Alan Parker, De Wolfe

Grid, John Hyde, Hudson

Wild Work Parts 9-13, Unknown Artist, The CAT

Pool, Simon Park, Rouge

Stand By, Frank Mantis, Golden Ring

Fruity Flute, Reg Wale, De Wolfe

Girl In The Dark, Jack Trombey, De Wolfe

Jaulty Harmonica And Guitar, Johnny Hawksworth, De Wolfe

Accroche-Toi Caroline, Claude Vasori, Sylvester

Supersoundic #3, Henrik Nielsen, Media Music

Heart Of The North, Basil Kirchin & Jack Nathan, De Wolfe

Superflute, Eric Towren, Sylvester

Eye Of Horus, Pete Willsher & Keith Chesher, De Wolfe

Silk Organdie, Keith Papworth, De Wolfe

Assignment Moscow, Jack Trombey, De Wolfe

Intro Song, Unknown Artist, The CAT

Index Point, Anthony Hobson, De Wolfe

Flute De Coeur, Eric Towren, De Wolfe

Autumn Colours, Simon Park, De Wolfe

Motion Study, Keith Papworth, De Wolfe

Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye, Susan Brown, De Wolfe

Quiet And Peaceful, Unknown Artist, Showcase Production Music

Bright Spark, Reg Wale, De Wolfe

Cha Ba Da Ba Da, Claude Vasori, Sylvester

Soleil A Vendre, Vladimir Cosma, Sylvester

Ode To A Stone, Johnny Gray, De Wolfe

Midnight Cocktail, Unknown Artist, Capitol

The Prophesy, Peter Knight, De Wolfe

Girl In Satin, , Showcase Productions

Pageing Sullivan, Basil Kirchin & Jack Nathan, De Wolfe

Forage, Patrice Sciortino, Sylvester

Alone In Space, John Fiddy, Tony Tape & Kevin Peek, Sonoton

Daily Worker, Unknown Artist, The CAT

Bongo Holiday, Unknown Artist, Showcase Productions

Hustle Me, Hustle You Parts 1 & 2, Horst Lubitz, Selected Sound

Alchemie Rhythmique, Patrice Sciortino, De Wolfe

Slow Moody Blues, Reg Tilsley, De Wolfe

Strictly For Beat, Daniel Janin, Sylvester