Play All Kinds Of Cambodian Music

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

An eclectic mix of Cambodian music encompassing rock and pop, traditional music and field recording, along with the occasional archive documentary clip.

I am currently living in Cambodia and I want to do my little bit to highlight some of the music which has been produced here, so I have put together a mix which I hope does that. If you have any interest in old rock music from South East Asia, then you will probably recognise some of these tracks but I have tried to include a few less familiar numbers too.

You can listen to the mix here or on Mixcloud at and there is a track listing below.


Artist - Title

Ros Seresyothea - ចាំដប់ខែទៀត / Jam Dop Khe Thiet (Wait 10 More Months)

Chhuon Malai - រាត្រីគេងមិនលក់ / Reastrei Geng Men Lork (Tonight I Can’t Sleep)

Ros Sereysothea - ឃើញសង្សារខ្ញ៉ំទេ / Kernh Songsa Khnom Te (Have You Seen My Boyfriend)

Mangosteen Sound Corporation - Kandal Market

Son Thoeung - បងលាហើយអូន / Bong Lear Hoy Oun (Goodbye Love)

Poev Vannary - អន្លង់មន្តស្នេហ៏ / Onlong Mon Sne (I’d Love You To Want Me)

Dengue Fever with Pou Khlaing & Tony Real - ស្រាមួយកែវ / Sra Mouy Keo (A Glass Of Wine) (Live In Phnom Penh 2010)

Pen Ran - ចង់បានគូរស្នេហ៏ / Jong Ban Ku Sne (I Want to Be Your Lover)

Artists Of Cambodian Living Arts - Medley

Yol Aularong - លេខមួយ / Lek Muoy (Number One)

Musicians of the Royal Palace - Krom Phleng Pinpeat

Poev Vannary - សូរិយាអស្តង្គត / Sorya Os Sdongkout (Sunset)

Jungle Bound

Ros Sereysothea - ខ្លាចហើយស្នេហា / Klach Hoy Sneha (Fear Of Love)

Les Baxter / Unknown Artist - African Blue / Rebel Guitars In Strange Dialect

Cambodian Space Project - Love Like Honey (David Gunn Vocal Remix)

Ros Seresyothea - ពេញចិត្តតែបងមួយ / Penhchett Te Bong Muoy (A Go Go)

Voa Saroun - ម៉ាកស៊ីនារីថ្មី / Maxy Neary Thmey (Brand New Lady)

Mao Sareth - បើបងមិនមេត្តា / Ber Bong Min Metha (If You Have No Compassion)