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Cambodian CDs

These are genuine original CDs from Phnom Penh in Cambodia featuring popular singers from the 1960s and 1970s. They are are colour printed and have catalogue numbers. They are not CDR copies. The music is unlikely to have been taken from master tapes as they will probably have been destroyed during the era of genocide in Cambodia. The source is often a record or cassette which sometimes impacts the audio quality.
In case you are not familiar with Cambodian music such as this, I should explain that somewhere down the line, a lot of the original source recordings were overdubbed with a relatively modern musical backing track which, depending on your viewpoint, either gives the recording a modern/poppy punch or alters it beyond recognition. These are the versions which have become commonplace and it is extremely difficult to find unaltered versions. Some of these CDs have a few instrumental tracks at the end for Karaoke use, presumably also produced by modern day musicians.
Video samples are available for some of the CDs. Links are in the end column.
Some CDs have been played for the purpose of providing a sample. They are otherwise in new condition.
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